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At StarDome we know how important it is 
to inspire people of all ages. We have many full dome shows now that enthuse and inspire

all ages about the wonders of the Universe

We want you to leave our shows with a feeling of inspiration, of knowledge and of wanting to know more

For children especially to have their questions answered in a way that they understand

The planetarium experience is one that people young and old alike will remember for many years.

StarDome presentations are tailored to your requirements. We are flexible in our approach and we are always willing to help and advise.

StarDome fits in with your existing school or event timetable minimizing disruption You know your timetable better than us so we are happy to fit in with you. Presentation lengths vary between 20 minutes and 1 hour depending on the group and include the very latest news & images from around the world and beyond.


All our presentations are presenter led, not just a recording or film.

Sessions will allow time for entry and exit of the planetarium

along with time for a Q & A session

Very popular themes include: 






























StarDome is able to present to a wide audience from nursery/reception class right through to

university students, adults and the general public

We give presentations to a wide variety audiences including astronomical societies

Shows can include any astronomical or space theme

shows can also be adapted to general audiences

We can also offer a shorter planetarium show 
without a PowerPoint presentation
when time is tight

The current most popular dome presentations are:


"The Solar System"
A tour of our own Galactic neighbourhood 
(KS2 & KS3, Public) 

"Other Worlds"
(KS2 &KS3, Public)

"The life & Death of Stars" 
(KS3 & KS4, Public) 
How they live & ultimately how they die

"Big Bang"
 (KS4 & 6th Form, Public)

"The Little lost Star" 
(Our story about the sun and its Planets
for Pre School, nursery & reception classes developed over many years)








"Space Exploration"

















Other presentations include:

"In Search Of The Aurora"


"Impact! Cosmic Collisions & the death of the dinosaurs"


"The KT Boundary Extinction event" 


"The Hubble Space Telescope"


"NASA Missions"


"People in Space"


"The History of Space Exploration"


Many More

Each theme is illustrated by utilizing MS Power Point 
with large images projected on to the dome 
with digital projection. 

The images will include the latest and best from NASA and Andy's other world wide space sources.

We then embark on a journey of discovery with the planetarium show - the highlight of any dome presentation.


A sky which is always clear and free from any light pollution! 

The commentary is live no gimmicks required!

No taped voice-over presentations are used

We are confident in our subject knowledge

When the dome lights dim to a gasp from the audience we see 3000 stars appear in a perfect night sky free from light pollution. We trace constellation patterns, find star clusters, galaxies and planets.

A whirling, dizzying spin then takes us to the North pole to find the North star

then back to our home and then to the Equator.


Maybe even time for a trip to Florida in the USA or down under to Australia to glimpse some of the Southern stars & constellations including the Southern Cross.

StarLore - how other cultures interpreted the night sky,

the Polynesians, the Africans, the Aboriginal people, the Egyptians 

 question-and-answer session and Email Questions if required

We hope to allow you to further your space understanding and knowledge.

 StarDome does not make idle promises

StarDome brings the Universe

and it's wonders to you

 that is a FACT!

StarDome is one of the longest established mobile planetarium businesses in the UK (28+ years) 

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