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Owner, Director & Senior Presenter

Mr Andrew Green B.Sc (Hons) FRAS















Professor Brian Cox With Andy


Why Choose OUR! StarDome?

Andrew R Green, BSc (Hons) FRAS.

Andy is a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society has been actively involved in astronomy and space for over 46 years becoming interested in astronomy & space aged 7. He has travelled the world many times to promote astronomy and give presentations and lectures far and wide, talking to varied groups including those at the University of Cambridge, Sheffield Hallam University and visiting observatories as far afield as Hawaii, mainland USA, Europe, Australia, and Chile. He has visited several space agencies and their facilities including those at NASA and the European Space Agency, ESA. He was involved in grass roots astronomy for many years, and he has seen astronomy at all levels from the

local astronomical society level to the public understanding of science and space to professional astronomy.


Andy particular interest is in the Auroras and has spent over 11 years researching, observing and photographing them in Iceland, he has many friends in the country. Andy has a degree in Geo-Science / Planetary Geology from the University of Sheffield. He is also a freelance space journalist/photographer and has had articles published in several magazines both in the UK and USA. An accomplished photographer his images have been published in many publications and used online in addition to many hard copy publications and books worldwide.  One of his Aurora images was used on the Title page of the 2021 Philips Stargazing Guide


In the last few years we have noticed that quite a few  "other dome operators"  have started to call themselves by our name!



whilst we are flattered they should try to copy us!


Ours IS THE "Original" StarDome with over 28 years of operations in the UK and abroad

Whilst they may use our name spell and write it the same to try and drum up business, they are not us nor ever will be.


Another trusted planetarium operator was overheard to say:


"Beware of "Fly by Night" operators who promise the world and deliver nothing"


Our reputation, the respect for us and our credentials are there for all to see.

Originally established in 1994 we operate one of of the longest established mobile/travelling planetariums and astronomy presentation businesses in the whole UK. We are based in Cambridge, but we travel to anywhere in the whole UK 

and farther by request


 Beware those who copy! they will NEVER be us!

Andy and Russian Cosmonaut Gennadi Padalka

who currently holds the record for the most cumulative time in space at 878 Days!






Andy with NASA astronaut & Space Shuttle Commander Scott (Scooter) Altman.

Here Scott is presenting Andy with a flown in space mission patch and signed montage

that flew in space on Scott's mission to the Hubble Space Telescope


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