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Astronomy & Astronautics
Full Dome
the home of 

"StarDome Planetarium"

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 "Bringing The Universe To You"
       for over 29 years!

I couldn’t recommend Andy enough! He completely engaged all of the children and was able to answer any questions they had about anything Space! The dome was brilliant! Full of lights and amazing slide shows. 

The children's reviews: 

We went in a big dome and learnt about space and stars. We were able to touch a real-life meteor. We learnt that a meteor hit the earth and that was the end of dinosaurs. 


We looked at the stars which were all over the inside of the big dome. I really enjoyed it when it was really dark and the stars were spinning! 


We went in a dome to learn all about space. I learnt that the North Star is in the little bear's tail. I loved all of it because I really like space! 


We went into the hall and saw a huge black semi sphere. We then went inside and there was a projector showing lots of information about space. I loved the binoculars we got and looking at all the stars to see what they formed. 


I loved when there were twinkling stars all over the place. It was really dark inside the dome because it was space and space is really dark! 


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